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XEXYMIX Shipping Included 2022 SS Hobbies & Culture

$195.35 $ 99
Black x L
Black x M
Black x S
Black x XS
Cloud Pink x L
Cloud Pink x M
Cloud Pink x S
Cloud Pink x XS
Ivory x L
Ivory x M
Ivory x S
Ivory x XS
Sage Gray x L
Sage Gray x M
Sage Gray x S
Sage Gray x XS
SKU : d7cfff7f-59bf-4e1d-907d-1fddd3e961e4 Category : Hobbies & Culture

Hobbies & Culture from XEXYMIX, 2022 SS

Pre-Order, Shipping Included, 2022 SS, XEXYMIX x Hobbies & Culture, XEXYMIX x More Hobbies & Culture


Size Name Waist Rise Inseam Around the thigh Around the hem
XS 57.0cm 23.5cm 8.5cm 39.0cm 109.0cm
S 62.0cm 24.3cm 9.2cm 40.4cm 114.0cm
M 67.0cm 25.1cm 9.9cm 42.0cm 119.0cm
L 72.0cm 25.1cm 9.9cm 42.0cm 124.0cm

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